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3D Printed Buildings: A New Frontier for Dubai

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Dubai has one of the fastest growing economies in the world. So it is not surprising when an initiative is taken for the “Museum of Future”. This initiative proposes to build and modify architectural prototype buildings using 3D printers all over Dubai.

As of now, Dubai is planning to build the first ever 3D printed building in an original scale. Needless to say, this is the first of its kind in the world of construction technology. Dubai has been trying to reinvent itself as a hub of innovation for several years. A fully fledged and functional 3D printed building will be a capstone to that achievement.

The building in question will cover an area of 2000 square feet. The whole building will be printed by a 3D printer which is 20 feet in height. It will be located at the construction site to ease the process of assembling without any hassle.

The whole construction process will be taken care by this technology. You can even build interior components, plumbing ducts, and structural elements from this 3D printer with specially reinforced concrete, gypsum, and glass fibers.

According to Dubai’s Ministry of Cabinet Affairs, this amazing technology is the first ever put to use in a life size scale in this project.

The Government of Dubai is accomplishing this Herculean task with the help of Winsun Global, a Chinese construction company. Also, renowned architectural and structural firms, such as Thornton Thomaseting, Gensler, and Henessy, are also assisting them in this project.

According to Mohammed Al Gergawi, who is the head of the United Arab Emirates Committee of Innovation, this project is part of a master plan to make the UAE the hub of technology concerning architectural innovations.

He also said that the officials are keen to use the newest technologies to make people’s livelihood more efficient than ever. This 3D innovation project is also part of the initiative to inspire new designs and a means to develop cities in the fields of healthcare and education. The Government of Dubai and the Innovation committee’s goal is to promote the well being of the residents in Dubai. They also want a happy nation that will be the pioneer of new innovations in architecture and the construction of the whole world.

He also concluded that this new technology in construction technology will play a major role in changing the perspective of many architectural and structural corporations.

According to some estimates, the implementation of 3D building technology can actually cut the construction time up to 50-70%. Even the sheer amount of construction wastages can be cut down to 30-60%. Not to mention, the labor costs will be reduced to 50-80% if this 3D building technology is used efficiently.

The site of this office building will be in the downtown area of Dubai, near a bustling intersection. Many types of public events will be organized there. And on top of that, a special 3D printing lab and an exhibition area of all things related to 3D printing technology will be displayed there.


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