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10 Tested Strategies to Sustain and Grow your Business in Dubai

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Do not say that economy is responsible for slow growth in business. Do not stop working and wait for the recession to settle down. If you are serious about the growth of your business, do the following:

1. Always think positive and remain optimistic. Because the circumstances are as bad as you believe they are. Being positive, you will be motivated to deliver positive.

2. When experiencing business slowing down, you should just start listing down your clients and referrals and you should start contacting them. They may be going through same stage. Always express an optimistic position in front of others. Inquire about their situations and find ways of helping them and tell them that you welcome referrals.

3. Share your thoughts and intentions with the people who encourage you. Try to be with the people who keep you motivated.

4. Keep your morale up if the crisis continues. Being alone will make you demotivated. Keep contacting people you know to get new ideas. If they like and respect you, they will definitely respond to you positively.

5. Identify the reasons which have resulted in crisis. Do not put blame on those things which you can’t manage to resolve.

6. Identify the other services and/or products which you can combine with your basic product to add value to your services. Try to be flexible against the circumstances.

7. Find the methods to include innovations and make your services better.

8. Manage to spend extra time at your clients’ place. This will help you understand their businesses better and assist you to find and fix their problems and needs.

9. Be habitual of appreciating and motivating your staff. It will encourage them to help you. Don’t forget to offer your staff commissions in business development.

10. Make a routine to follow this practice even in your busy times so that others don’t think that you contact them only when needed. Further, it will also help you being in others’ mind at the time they need any services.


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