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Farhan Aqil
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There has been a shift in the preference of Companies by using online clouds based accounting instead of offline desktop based accounting, since it offers live updates and key numbers of the business in front of the Directors and Management all the time on the go. With the ability of unlimited users and extensive storage capacity, Xero has won a significant market in modern Accounting Technologies. Push Digits, being a Certified Partner with Xero, is eligible to offer our clients a fantastic 15% discount on the monthly fee charged for this beautiful Accounting Software. We also have an expert Accounting Team who is well versed with all the features and functions of Xero and therefore providing our clients the best in town accounting services on Xero.

An introduction to Online Cloud based Accounting Software:
Since the power of computing arose to replace armies of pen and paper accountants, the benefits of accounting software have expanded at an extreme rate. The competition among software developers provides businesses with an amazing array of features. Each software vendor strives to take an increasing portion of the accounting software market. User interfaces evolve as users interact with developers to suggest improvements. Features are added as programmers come up with new ideas and business owners ask for new functions.

All the small business accounting software offerings deliver the basic accounting functions effectively. The differences are in the target customers for the software and the extra functions and features included. One of the most recent developments in computing is “the cloud” where data files and software are stored in secure servers and accessed via the internet. Clouds based accounting software was inevitable and now it is here for any size of business from Xero.

Xero Accounting Software:
The Company Xero is based in New Zealand and it was started in 2006 as a cloud-based accounting software for small and medium sized businesses. Since then it has grown into a worldwide direct competitor – steadily taking over pieces of market share of other leading Software Companies. The Software-as-a-Service (Saas) format sets it apart from the rest of the accounting software packages on the market. SaaS means the software is not installed on the customer’s computer – it exists on cloud-based servers and is accessed by users via the internet.

Xero software and data files reside on the cloud servers behind the best available security systems. These servers have historically delivered best in class 99.97% uptime. Your business information and business accounting software will always be available to you anytime and from anywhere. A few of the features that make Xero Online Accounting Software attractive to the businesses are:

Key features of Xero Accounting Software:
1. You will have unlimited collaboration with your staff and advisors.
2. Your accounting and your payroll processing will be included at one price.
3. You will find Xero has a perfect blend of simplicity and power.
4. Xero is always fast and always available – from anywhere and any device.
5. You will have unlimited email support from experts – free.
6. Xero supports both accrual and cash basis accounting methods.
7. There is no limit on setting how many users you want to have accessing your data.
8. User access can be modified allowing features disabled or enabled for particular users.
9. Inventory management helps you control stock and keeps track of your inventory value.
10. There are advanced inventory management tools available for easy integration with Xero.
11. With multi currencies, you have the edge of using more than 160 currencies, rates for which are updated live through XE.com.
12. Calculation of rates live through XE.com for the multiple currencies means that the foreign exchange gains or losses are recorded automatically for you to review them later.
13. Integration with 350 plus applications and add ons make the accounting process more innovative and productive. These include market leading applications such as Sales Force, Checkeeper, Shopify, Spotlight Reporting, Paypal, Unleashed and many more.
14. Updates are free, automatic and seamless.
15. Xero works flawlessly on any browser and on any device.
16. Xero’s Dashboard puts your most important current information available at a glance.
17. Seamless connection with customers gives you the speed of online invoicing, notices when invoices are opened and recurring invoices with payment scheduling.
18. Suppliers can send invoices directly to your Xero accounts payable.
19. You can setup automatic recurring payments.
20. Xero has over 40 pre-configured reports including income statement, balance sheet, cash flows and many more.
21. Payroll-related reports are available.
22. Sales tax support allows as many different areas as you need with compound taxes fully supported.
23. All user data is fully SSL encrypted and servers are isolated from physical access as well as electronically secured.
24. Customer data is backed up off site continuously.
25. Payroll services are integrated with tax handling and payments – your accounts are always up to date.
26. Support teams are located around the world so email support is always quick and responsive – around the clock.

Xero Customer Oriented Plans:
Xero Software already has over 500,000 customers and the number is growing daily. This level of acceptance is only achieved when a product delivers on promises. Xero Software promises to be open and collaborative with customers to produce the best business accounting software. There are three plans available with different sets of features and with different prices:

The Starter Package – Features:
1. Limited to creating and sending five invoices
2. Limited to creating five bills
3. Limited to 20 bank transactions
4. One GB of online storage
5. No limit on number of users
6. 24/7 unlimited support is free
7. Your bank connections are secure and automatic
8. Quick and easy data conversion from QuickBooks to Xero
9. You can import QuickBooks, Excel, Google Sheets or CSV data
10. Xero will prepare W2s and 1099s
11. If you use another tax software, Xero data exports easily to another tax software
12. Xero supports class tracking for expenses and income
13. You can track sales and profitability for multiple locations
14. Over 100 customized business reports are available
15. Data backups are automatic and secure
16. Top level SSL encryption
17. iPhone and Android apps are free

The Standard Package – Features:
The Standard Package (the most popular) includes all the above features of the Starter Package with the below changes and additions:
1. The five invoices limit is not there (Unlimited invoices)
2. The five bills limit is not there (Unlimited bills)
3. The twenty bank transactions limit is not there (Unlimited bank transactions)
4. Includes payroll for 5 employees
5. Five GB of online storage
6. Creates customizable purchase orders
7. Supports e-file and e-pay for both Federal and State taxes
8 Supports direct deposit for payroll checks

The Premium Package – Features:
The Premium Package includes all the features of the Starter and Standard Packages with the below changes and additions:
1. Payroll for ten employees
2. Supports multiple currencies (over 160 currencies updated live through XE.com)
3. Ten GB of online storage
4. Facility of paying bills online using credit cards or PayPal
5. Cash flow management is easier with scheduled payments

Push Digits – Xero Certified Partner and Advisor:
Our recognition as a Xero Certified Partner and Advisor says it all. We have the best knowledge and expertise in town for implementing the beautiful online clouds based Accounting Software for your Company and then making it utilize to the best extent such that you see the amazing benefits of Xero over its considerable and affordable monthly cost.

When you have the key numbers and reports of your business in front of you all the time on the go, for you to take the right business decisions at the right time, then your way of doing business changes significantly.

And with our team of expert Accountants on Xero, the clients utilize our outsourced accounting services on this beautiful accounting platform where our Accountants keep the information up to date and ready for your defined users to view, analyze and act on this useful business information. We can get you to the next level of accounting at discounted pricing and with excellent local support.

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