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Farhan Aqil
CA, ACCA, CIA, M.Com, Bsc (Hons.)
Partner at Push Digits

Gone are those days when People used to record transactions manually on a spreadsheet or even used pencil and paper to record transactions. With the business environment becoming more complex day by day, we were faced with the need of a Good Accounting Software that will reduce the number of errors in Accounting and enable us to see the bottom line of any business easily. We are a Company of Qualified Chartered Accountants and experienced Tally ERP9 dealers & consultants providing consultancy on implementation, customization, migration of data, and training of Tally Accounting Software in Dubai, sharjah, abu dhabi and other emirates of the UAE. Tally is a Powerful and Flexible Accounting Software and we enhance its value to our clients through our high end consultancy being an Authorized Partner of the Tally Solutions Dubai.

Tally.ERP 9 – The Power of Accounting, Financial and Business Management

An Indispensable Tool for Businesses in UAE
Tally began as an accounting tool for small businesses. It offered an easy-to-use interface and basic accounting functions. As computer systems became more widespread and powerful the business community fully embraced accounting software as an indispensable tool. Tally evolved along with computer systems and customer needs. As businesses discovered the power of software, they began to see how that power could be used in new ways. Tally listened to its customers and developed the solutions asked for by customers. As businesses grew, their requirements expanded and Tally continued evolving to support businesses of increasing size. The latest version – Tally.ERP 9 – includes all the accounting and financial tools an SME & large enterprise requires. It also includes remote access (requirement of most of the entrepreneurs in Dubai), full internet connectivity and advanced data security (required by large organizations in the UAE).

Tally uses a worldwide network of Tally experts, partners and Tally customization providers that deliver all the support any business customer might ever require. These partners have all the Tally software solutions available for immediate installation. Push Digits Accountants and Tax Consultants, Tally’s partner in the UAE, provides you with tally license, it’s installation & training, and tally customization services in dubai using Tally’s programming language.

Tally’s well established accounting core – wrapped in a custom interface designed specifically for your business – the ideal solution. A local Tally dealer is not only the best place to buy Tally ERP 9 but will also offer Tally ERP 9 installation assistance and Tally ERP 9 customization to match your specific business requirements.

Main Features of Tally with respect to Accounting and Financial Management


1) General Accounting: Tally starts with a complete accounting system. It supports the basic operations such as Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger and others that users expect from a comprehensive accounting system. It processes several types of vouchers such as payments, receipts, journals, debit notes, sales, purchase and delivery.

2) Categorization of Accounts: Users can define accounts as required. There are 28 predefined groups that the user can arrange in any way. This is called Categorization of Accounts and it is a powerful tool for organizing accounting data.

3) User Defined Ledgers: Users can define multiple ledgers and Tally will maintain the details of these user-defined ledgers. With ledger reports, close scrutiny of accounts is easy. Tally’s single ledger systems approach includes both personal and nominal accounts.

4) Audit Trial: Tally maintains an audit trail of voucher changes. It also allows drill down from upper report levels down to the voucher level.

5) Business Reports: Reports can be produced for a particular date or range of dates. Side-by-side comparison of selected periods is supported. Tally reports are based on transaction date instead of entry date.

6) Bank Reconciliation: Real-World bank reconciliation makes comparison of bank accounts to passbook data easier.

7) Tracking System: Tally uses tracking numbers to maintain up-to-date data about shipping and invoices. This allows Tally to mark data as pending and properly display tracked transactions in Profit/loss reports and to manage sales/billing.

8) Assemble Inventory: Assembly option is available in tally which makes it most suitable accounting software to use for manufacturing companies.


1) Tally – The Power of Simplicity
“The Power of Simplicity” is Tally’s uncomplicated, customer-centric approach to software design. The result of this approach is a user interface and functional navigation system that is intuitive and easy to learn while allowing the user to access all the power that Tally software has. For the customer business this means Tally is up and running quickly and making doing business much easier. This frees up people and resources for other tasks instead tying them up learning a clunky piece of software. Tally is built for real-world people – not programmers or techies.

2) Tally.NET – The Power of Connectivity
Tally.NET is a new feature included in Tally.ERP 9. It encompasses a wide range of internet-based capabilities seamlessly integrated with the familiar Tally interface and advanced accounting functions. Tally.NET connects companies through Tally.ERP 9 and allows managers to create and maintain remote users.

In the Tally.ERP 9 Auditors Edition a remote license is available. Remote data can be synchronized from within Tally. Any authorized user can access data remotely. Online help is available from within Tally as well as with browser access. Tally Support Centre provides instant access to help about functional and technical issues. A Control Centre provides ability to manage and configure remote sites across multiple locations.

3) TallyShop – Increasing the Power of Tally with endless third party add-ons and applications with a simple click
While Tally has always been customer focused, the number and variety of potential Tally customers is virtually unlimited. No software can include options and customizations for all potential customers. The business environment is continuously evolving creating the need for new features in off-the-shelf solutions. Tally’s development partners and Tally dealers have been building effective add-ons for years. These partners start with extensive understanding of the Tally environment and add competent development to address new and evolving customer requirements. These Tally add-ons are available from TallyShop. TallyShop add-ons are designed and built by authorized Tally Developers and integrate easily with Tally solutions. Tally.ERP 9 includes one-click installation for TallyShop add-ons.

4) Retail Business – Empowerment through Excellent POS Solutions from Tally
With Point of Sale customization, Tally can streamline the checkout process. Intended for retail operations, POS customization can provide these functions:
• POS invoices generated with transaction date and time
• Management of gift coupons, vouchers and discount tickets
• Multiple payment mode (cash, credit card, debit card) on single invoice
• Tracking balances returned to buyers
• Support for POS bar code scanning
• Tracking of promotional campaign effectiveness
• Immediate inventory updates with floor count matching
• Tracking customer purchasing patterns
• Customized reports like Cash Register, POS Register, Inventory Reports etc

These POS features increase the efficiency of retail operations by eliminating multiple data entry requirements. POS staff can process more transactions per day and deliver faster customer service.

5) Data Migration made easy in Tally:
Tally.ERP 9 includes a data migration tool that makes data migration from earlier Tally versions a simple operation. Data migration tools are available from multiple development partners for almost any accounting and database software. Tally dealers in dubai like Push Digits Consultancy will have the information about tools for migrating data from a specific application. Generally these utilities are developed and supported by Tally Partners. There is at least one application that supports data migration from any RDBMS database software and more than one hundred accounting and ERP applications.

6) Tally.ERP 9 Release 5.1 – Added Functionalities
Tally.ERP 9 Release 5.1 includes a number of functional improvements and added features:

• Statutory functionality is more powerful yet with a simplified interface. The intuitive intelligence of taxation functionality will generate 100% accurate tax returns in minutes. Complete flexibility allows configurable tax rates and classifications as required. Returns are saved for later revision.
• Information can be shared across multiple locations reliably and securely. Strict multi-location scheduling is not needed. Tally.NET services deliver on-demand Data Synchronization.
• The ability to track and record post-dated cheques and process them on the due-date.
Tally.ERP 9 is highly optimized for system resources (memory) management. The product update process is hassle free and efficient.
• With one-click zero-configuration installation you can be up and running Tally in seconds.
• Advanced licensing allows multiple users to use the same single-user license to access data on a one-at-a-time basis.

Tally’s customer-centric environment has driven over two thousand product enhancements and issue resolutions thanks to customer feedback.

7) Tally – A Complete ERP Solution:
ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. In connection to Tally, ERP represents a high performance business management suite that meets all the requirements of a large and actively expanding business enterprise. It includes advanced internet connectivity making vital information available to top level staff at any time and at any location.

The software includes remote access, audit and compliance services, a built-in support system and advanced security management. Tally did not forget the basic functions of accounting software in the development of a major enterprise-level suite. Inventory, Point of Sales, Accounting, Finance, Payroll, Sales, Purchase, Manufacturing support, Costing, Job Costing and Branch Management are all included in the package. Tally.ERP 9 enables business managers to do more, do it easier and do it faster. Immediate access to funds flow and cash flow reports keeps you informed about bottlenecks. Bank reconciliation functions keep bank accounts in sync. Troubled financial instruments are quickly reported for immediate action. Customer credit limits minimize exposure to bad debts and actual expenses are compared to projected expenses. Tally.ERP 9 has the capability to mark post-dated vouchers to be posted only after a specific date. This eliminates any confusion caused by post-dating. Tally.ERP 9 will issue a warning when cash balances are about to go negative in time for corrective actions. There is much more including audit support with audit controls and change tracking.

All this advanced functionality is wrapped in an advanced connectivity system, Tally.NET that allows real-time communication with remote offices, warehouses and manufacturing sites worldwide. When all users share a common user interface with common vocabulary and data formatting, errors in communication are avoided.

8) Tally Customization
In default mode, Tally is configured to meet the accounting requirements of a majority of businesses. This means that all the functions of basic accounting operations, report generation and record keeping are available to users with minimum tech knowledge. New users will quickly get up to speed with Tally’s simple interface and available online help. These basic functions are essentially the same for all business sectors and business sizes.

For more advanced users, Tally can be configured to meet business-specific requirements. The full power of Tally is accessed through customization. When Tally is fully integrated with a business’s operation the combination of custom reports, interaction between separate ledgers, inventory controls and other customizable features puts the power of knowledge at your fingertips. Tally customization by Push Digits Consultants will make your Tally ERP software become a vital component in your business.

9) Scenario Management
All business planning is based on a combination of experience, current information, analysis of trends and projections. Projections are a valuable tool when the software that produces the projections can be trusted. Tally.ERP 9 is that software. Tally’s Scenario Management lets the user explore the possible results of decisions and anticipate the future of business trends.

10) Reporting in Customizable Formats
The reporting functions included in Tally software are designed to deliver information in customizable formats where the user can focus on the most relevant information for the current needs. The same information can be presented visually thanks to advanced graphics capabilities. A quick glance at a graph can reveal as much information as an hour studying a column of numbers.

Customizable reports can be designed for a business’s specific requirements and formatted to present the information in different ways. Custom report configuration can be saved to be recalled later or to be applied to other reports with similar data. Reports can focus on different attributes of the data for deeper analysis. User access is also configurable.

11) Minimizing Security Threats and Protection of Critical Data
Since any accounting software has access to all of a business’s financial records, employee records, and a lot of additional critical information it is very important that the software incorporate adequate security measures. Security threats include information hacking, information corruption or falsification and industrial espionage.

Businesses that interact with governments are also subject to attack from hackers working for other governments. The number and effectiveness of digital threats is constantly growing. Any good accounting software must be aware of current hacking technology and have resources dedicated to defense against ongoing threats. The interoperability aspects of software come into play as part of the defensive strategy as well. Tally ERP software will work with any security software the client-business uses and not cause conflicts that weaken security. It is particularly important that Tally ERP software be 100% compatible with the client’s firewall systems and anti-virus software

12) Automation in Tally
Tally ERP 9 features a full suite of reporting and analysis functions. Advanced graphics capabilities allow Tally accounting software to present information in a quickly understandable format. Various graphs, charts and other visuals can reveal trends in data much faster than a raw column of numbers.

Another possibility that is available with accounting software is automation. Certain regularly occurring tasks such as payroll and time sheets, employee expenses, budgeting and other complex activities can be programmed to run automatically. The data from these automated functions will be included in reports generated as the functions are run. Your local Tally Experts (Push Digits) will help you set up the automated functions that match your business.

Please call our Managing Partner Farhan Aqil at +971 50 3958931 to discuss your company’s tally customization needs

Range of Tally Products – Tally.ERP 9, Tally.Server 9, Tally.Developer 9 and Shoper 9:

Tally.ERP 9 is “The Complete Business Management Solution”. The comprehensive capabilities will meet the requirements of small to large businesses. Multiple locations are easily connected and managed from any location. The traditional business functions are enhanced by advanced internet connectivity across distributed operations.

Tally.Server 9 delivers a data server that supports simultaneous multiple users performing diverse functions. This Enterprise class package is designed to support a rapidly growing business. Server-based data management improves scalability. Parallel requests from multiple users are not a problem and processing is not sequential. Data consistency is maintained in intense use environments.

Tally.Developer 9 utilizes TDL (Tally Definition Language). This is the development language used to build Tally.ERP 9. Tally.Developer 9 is an IDE that allows programmers to produce custom solutions based on TDL and the Tally architecture. As an IDE it includes an editor, search engine and compiler. All the features a programmer expects in an IDE are there. Application licensing options are available.

Shoper 9 is Tally’s Point Of Sale product designed for the retail business. It features quick implementation and intuitive operation to make the most of a retail environment. It includes improved data exchange between offices, stores and warehouses. The simple interface increases the efficiency of customer service staff while the powerful Tally core assures full accounting functions are delivered to business managers.

Continuous Upgrading of an Accounting Software and the need for Customization:
Tally Accounting Software is regularly updated and customized to cater the needs of the present times. No software development organization ever releases a software version then sits back and watches the cash roll in. As soon as a package is released, development starts on improvements to the existing package and on the next major version release. Feedback from customers sometimes reveals functions that are not performing as expected or security issues that slipped through the testing processes.

Software companies release updates to software regularly to address security issues or other minor problems. Sometimes government regulations change or tax rates are adjusted and a software update is required. A good accounting software package like Tally will automatically retrieve and install these updates with minimal user involvement.

Need for an Advanced Accounting Software in today’s Technological Environment
Doing business in today’s business environment where information is available at light-speed means business managers have to make decisions as quickly as possible. Any delay in decision-making caused by inaccurate, late arriving or incomplete information gives competitors an advantage. The role of Tally accounting software in this environment is to provide the information required by the decision makers as quickly and as accurately as possible. The list of Tally ERP 9 features includes analysis functions that detect important trends as soon as they become active, then generate notices to managers that important trends are developing. Being aware of business trends as early as possible allows managers to take advantage of the trends while others are trying to catch up.

Push Digits – Implementing, Customizing and providing Consultancy on Tally Products

Push Digits is a rapidly growing Accounting and Consultancy Company in UAE providing services such as accounting, bookkeeping, accounting software and ERP implementation, company formations and financial consultancy. We are proud to be an authorized Partner of Tally to provide and implement the various Products designed by Tally. Push Digits has a team of ERP consultants who are experts in the implementation and customization of Tally. We are your source for Tally accounting software Dubai.

For inquiries related to Tally, its implementation, customization or data migration from another accounting software, please contact our experienced hands on Partner, Mr. Farhan Aqil at farhan@pushdigits.ae or +971 50 3958931.

We will make sure that your experience with Tally is the best experience you ever had with an Accounting Software.

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