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Implementing world class accounting and ERP software as well as providing training

The key to growth of every business lies in the systems and software it employs for processing the information. A good system and software is required for all aspects of a company, from accounting to the operational aspect, therefore a sound accounting software and platform determines the growth of a Company to a great extent.

Push Digits Consultancy helps you choose and then implement the best accounting software and system for your Company which focuses on providing the correct timely financial and operational information as well as improving the overall technology infrastructure. Whether your business is a startup, is at a small to medium scale or is a large corporate, a good accounting system determines the growth path for your business. When our clients tell us they lack in technological advancement, we tell them we have the right solution for them.

The accounting software and ERP solutions that we provide are not only capable of serving the primary financial and operational needs of any Company in any Industry, but we are also capable of enhancing and modifying them to suit the needs of any particular business and industry strategically. We not only provide and implement these accounting software solutions at our clients, but wherever required, we provide training on those accounting software as well.

Differential Features of Push Digits Accounting Software and ERP Solutions

1- Access to talented and experienced consultants – Our experienced consultants work for you under direct supervision of dedicated Partners
2- Choices available – We give you the choice of either using the standard version of accounting software or modifying it to the exact needs of your business
3- Get your operations analyzed – As part of our implementation process, our consultants analyze your operations in detail to recommend the best solution
4- Streamlining of your Finance function – Our consultants implement the software best for your Finance Function and we also have the ability to provide an experienced qualified Accountant to help you with streamlining of your Finance function
5- Fantastic customer support enabling you to get help on anything from start to end, in terms of training or troubleshooting
6- We have experienced consultants who first understand your overall business processes and then design and implement the best accounting software solutions based on their study. Our consultants devise and implement accounting processes which remove hurdle in speeding up and improving the sales process, which maximizes generation of leads and streamline the process of distribution and logistics. Briefly, our experienced accounting software specialists will take your business to the next level.

We always put our clients’ satisfaction ahead of anything else. We make sure that we provide our clients the accounting software and solutions which are best suited to them. To attain the highest customer satisfaction standards, we have a policy of checking with our clients regularly if they are utilizing the most features from their accounting software and if there is anything more we can do which will add value to their business. Our rapid response to the queries of our clients is also one of our key strength through which we achieve the highest customer satisfaction standards.

Before determining the right accounting software for your business, it is very important to understand the basic and essential features which the accounting software should have. You can use the following as a checklist to select the right accounting software for your business:

Advantages of a Good Accounting Software

1- Easy to use – The accounting software should have a user friendly interface and should be easy to use by not only the Accountants but also the Managers and Directors of a Business
2- Integration with other applications – The accounting software should have the ability to get integrated with other third party applications which boost the performance of a Business
3- Protection of data – There should be strong data security controls built in the software and features enabled for backing up data regularly
4- Analysis and reporting – Capability of producing excellent, reliable and relevant reports which gives a complete understanding of the business trends, growth and opportunities
5- Price – The accounting software should be of reasonable price with good quality. The customer should derive value from the investment made in the accounting software and solutions
6- Customer support – Excellent customer support should be available 24/7. Push Digits also provides local support through the experienced and dedicated consultants available for assistance all the time

Push Digits Consultancy is the authorized distributor of Quickbooks, Tally ERP, and Sage in the UAE. We have a wide range of options available for out clients in order for them to select the accounting software which best suites their business processes and operations. The available accounting software with some distinctive features are detailed below:

1- Intuit Quickbooks Pro: Easy to set up and use, gives a snapshot of your business performance on homepage, easily create invoices, track your sales and expenses, better management of vendors, customers and employee data

2- Intuit Quickbooks Premiere: QB Premiere has all the features of QB Pro and additionally you can view customized reports, track balance sheet by class, track employee and job wise time and expenses, advanced inventory center, assembling of inventories and availability of cost to complete job feature

3- Intuit Quickbooks Enterprise: QB Enterprise has all the features of QB Pro and Premiere and additionally you get enhanced reporting customization, advanced inventory capabilities, extended user controls, large data storage capabilities for larger businesses, advanced user permissions and support for windows terminal services and linux servers

4- Quickbooks Mac: QB which is built for your Mac, easy to set up and use, gives a snapshot of your business performance on homepage, easily create invoices, track your sales and expenses, better management of vendors, customers and employee data

5- Quickbooks Online: Saves time having data online, stay organized with online computing and accounting, manage your accounts from anywhere on real time, greatly reduces accounting errors.

1- Quick Base Team Edition: Collaboration features of dashboard, email integration, RSS feed, Forums, Messaging, Portfolio management features for smartphones, project and resource management features, remote capabilities

2- Quick Base Extended Team: Collaboration features of dashboard, email integration, RSS feed, Forums, Messaging, Portfolio management features for smartphones, project and resource management features, remote capabilities

3- Quick Base Enterprise: Collaboration features of dashboard, email integration, RSS feed, Forums, Messaging, Portfolio management features for smartphones, project and resource management features, remote capabilities

1- Tally.ERP 9: Accounting and financial management, inventories management, purchases & payables handling, batch vouchers capability, mass email communication, job costing and costing features, payroll accounting, point of sale, data synchronization and remote access
2- Tally.Server 9: All the excellent features of Tally.ERP 9 and capabilities of multi users working on the same platform without experiencing any downtime or lagging, highest security controls keeping data file invisibly secure and providing controlled access, analysis of system usage to optimize processes, eliminating the chances of system unavailability

3- Shopper 9: This brings success to the modern retail concept with handling hundreds of thousands of items, thousands of transactions in a day and supporting capability for hundreds of stores in a chain, it has better control of promotions and provides detailed stock queries

1- Sage 50 Complete Accounting: Multiple users, tight security controls, synchronization with Microsoft Outlook, support for terminal services, ten price levels, formulas for pricing, time card entry feature for Payroll, Job costing and better modules for stock, customers and vendors

2- Sage 50 Premium Accounting: All the features of Sage 50 Complete Accounting and features of using Crystal Reports, multiple budgets, consolidations, broadcast invoicing and much more

3- Sage 50 Quantum Accounting: All the features of Sage 50 Complete and Premium Accounting and support for upto 40 users, smart posting, order process workflow, logging users out ability, role based security and enhanced job centers

4- Sage Simply Accounting Premium: Advanced accounting, forecasting and budgeting, consolidated financial information across subsidiaries and branches, 2-users access, easy tracking of projects and inventory, multi-currency feature, tailored reports for various industries available

5- Sage Simply Accounting Enterprise: Optimized accounting operations, access for upto 40 users, enhanced project management and inventories management, payroll module is included, advanced serialized inventory system, role based security

6- Sage Simply Accounting Accountant Edition: Ability to create, open, edit and save data from Sage Simply Accounting First Step and all Sage Simply Accounting 2011 editions, increased security in multi-user environment, easy to remember GL account numbers, easier to merge duplicate data, providing real time simultaneous access.

1- Sage – AccuPOS: value for retail store, speed up customer service, easy to use POS, accounting integration to save both time and money, online reports generation, PCI compliant security, excellent inventory tracking features

2- Intuit – Quickbooks POS: Efficient inventory tracking, business performance at a glance, quick glance on top selling items and items which needs to be re-ordered, tracking of purchase history, feature of using barcode scanner to make transactions faster and reduce errors, customized sales and profitability reports and much more

Stock Management Software

1- Fishbowl: Features of mobile warehouse for barcoding and multiple locations, manufacturing options, customer relationship management, point of sales solution, LIFO, FIFO, Standard and Average costing methods, consignments management, use of substitute products and multiple locations, reconciliation of purchase orders, defining multi user access rights

Cheque Management Softweare

1- TNC-CMS: Issuance and printing of PDC cheques, reminders for PDC cheques, user friendly reports, customization of forms for printing cheques, batch and single cheque printing, multi company and multi bank accounts feature, automatic conversion of amount into words, import transactions from Quickbooks to reduce time and increase efficiency, powerful search tools and much more

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