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Our values define our behavior. Our purpose defines our existence.

The values of our Accounting and Tax Firm support us to work towards our objective of serving the business community and resolving important problems of our clients. The confidence which our clients and communities put in Push Digits, and our principles of professional ethics, are central to everything that we do.

We come from diverse backgrounds and cultures, but we share our values with each other. These values guide us on how we work with our clients and with each other, advise us the kind of work that we do, and hold us responsible to do our best. They oversee our actions and regulate our success.

Integrity 95%
Transparency 90%
Professional Care 99%

Who we are

Push Digits is a Strategic Partnership of expert professional chartered accountants who are committed towards providing client entities with a wide range of professional accounting, tax, audit, accounting software, business and other management consultancy services. Our aim is to provide services that are not only of high quality but also adds value to the client’s business operations. We provide services that are not only cost effective but are also flexible taking into account client entity’s requirements and needs. At Push Digits, we have a team of professionally qualified accountants with vast experience in the field of accounting, audit, tax, and business consultancy as well as having sound knowledge of international standards. Our clients value our services the most as we provide high quality services at cost-effective prices. Our experienced Partners are committed to the day to day activities to ensure the clients always remain happy and satisfied from our services and they derive value from them.

Brief overview of our services

  1. Part time or full time accounting services with highest quality standards at affordable prices per month
  2. Accounting and financial services on hourly basis
  3. External audits in collaboration with our Group’s audit firm
  4. Internal audits
  5. Financial projections (Extremely helpful for startups to have their financial projections done before starting any business or venture. We can help them dive into right business with our in-depth financial accounting and analytical skills)
  6. Feasibility studies verified and approved by our Group’s audit firm
  7. Any kind of company set up in UAE
  8. Company valuations and due diligence
  9. ERP and Accounting Software implementation, such as Xero, Zoho, Tally and Quickbooks
  10. Accounting software training and consultancy


What value do you derive from these services

  1. Savings in cost and resources full of knowledge – you are provided with a dedicated and committed team of professionally qualified accountants at fixed affordable prices
  2. Edge of advanced technology – you get expert knowledge of using your existing accounting software or having a new software implemented by our experienced consultants best suited to your industry
  3. Routine and relevant reporting – you get the best control of your business by receiving up to date relevant reports for your decision making on fixed routine
  4. Quality accounting – you get relieved from your stress and enjoy benefits of hiring professional people to take care of your finance and accounting


Top reasons for using our services

  1. Complete range of services are provided meaning you get everything done in house.
  2. We push the digits for you, leaving you time enough for doing your business and rest of the time spending on your personal life.
  3. We don’t just provide a qualified accountant to do your bookkeeping, but we also keep a dedicated and committed Partner always available to assist you wherever needed.
  4. Innovation and creativity is at the core of our services so we give you that extra edge required for the growth of your Company.
  5. Our accounting services saves a lot on your costs as compared to hiring a full time accountant.
  6. Our response time is unbeatable; we answer your calls and reply to your emails at amazing speed and we never keep you waiting for anything.
  7. Confidentiality is never compromised for our clients and we keep highest ethical standards on keeping all the information confidential.
  8. Your work is always executed by experienced qualified accountants; we never hire inexperienced staff nor we allocate inexperienced accountants to do your work.
  9. Honesty is the best policy which we show to our clients on a regular basis in our dealings with them.
  10. We do everything for you which a full time accountant would, starting from payroll to data entry to reporting the numbers and to the preparation of accounts for statutory audit.

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Our Professional Team

Farhan Aqil

Managing Partner

Taha Ahmed

Managing Partner

Mohamed Yousef Al Harmoodi

Audit Partner

Sarfraz Ahmed Chandio

DIFC Partner and Push Digits UK Office

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